Antique National School

Achieving Excellence For the Century and Beyond!

The School Principal

To Our Valued Parents and Students,


  To our students, Congratulations for choosing Antique National School. YOU ARE WELCOME. Antique National School is your Home. It is committed to serve  and develop you as useful and productive citizens and leaders of our communities.

             You have come to learn skills and acquire knowledge through the material and human resources that the school can offer to help you achieve your dreams in life. Make use of the opportunities. They only come once in your lifetime.

To our parents, thank you for putting confidence in us in molding your children. Please help us too, in shaping your children’s values and academic life so that we can develop them to be the kind of persons we aspire them to be. Help us to guide them in their studies. Please come to the school from time to time to see them, as well as meet their teachers in order to track your children’s school performance. In this way, our children will realize that you are interested in their education. Together we can be a good team who work for the education of our children.

Mabuhay Antique National School!



Principal IV, ANS