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       Who made this awesome website you asked? Through the persistence and expertise of the "chosen one's" this website was developed with pure passion and confidence. The site project narrative explains the ideals and objectives of the students who developed this website. 

       Although the original design was kind of complicated, this simple yet easy version was published to meet the deadline. The developers hope to share their expertise and legacy  to oncoming students of ANS and serve the community through this website.

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SITE Project Narrative

SITE Project Narrative 

Antique National School Cyber Fair Project


Title: Antique National School Official Website

Project URL:

Category: Historical Landmarks


                Senior students ranging from ages 15-16 work together to make possible the Antique National School Official Website until February 28, 2010. This is the 6th  time that the Antique National School will join again since Cyber Fair 2003.


Classes and Teachers:

            The students who join in this year’s Cyber Fair were Mark Cameron Acub, Rosanna Danica B. Maguad, Ma. Sharmaine Baretto, Jandi Nietes, Raymel Fadrigo, JL Ortega, Dennis Paul Cabañero, Krisca Depalubos, Daren Ril Valenzuela and Joel Sastrillo.

            The said website is made possible through the critics and recommendations of Jocelyn Remonte and Leonil Gallano.



Our school website:



1. Description of the Community


Situated at the heart of the Province of Antique, a bustling community known as San Jose, the backbone of the economy of the vicinity, cradles the premier center of education, no less than Antique National School.


Antique National School is the leading secondary school in the province of Antique. The said institution started in 1906 as Antique High School and later changed to its present name.

Bolstering the pride of the entire province, ANS has not only conquered countless competitions but has reaped numerous excellence in academics, sports, cultural and co- curricular activities and has overcome the expectations of society by a multitude of awards and recognition.


With its humble academes who continuously scours for opportunities not only for the development of the school but also for the welfare of the community, it exudes the qualities of a soaring educational standards emulated by other secondary schools.  Trained by the foremost teachers Antique has to offer, enlightening their students on academic excellence with the application of values and morals has been the main concept of teaching.


Antique National School


2. Summary of the project

            The Antique National School Official website features the face of Antique National School which includes the different academic and co-curricular departments, the students taking up the different curriculum offered by the school and the competitive teachers of every department. Antique National School is defined schools within a school. The curricula offered were Special Science Class, Special Program for the Arts and Revised Basic Education Curriculum.

            The researchers aim to set an official website of Antique National School, the premier secondary school of the Province of Antique. In this way, the people will be informed of the quality education offered by the school. Also, it will entice incoming high school freshmen to spend their secondary years in  ANS.


3.  Our computer and Internet access

A.     Percentage of students using the Internet at home:  10%

B.     Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom:  40 workstations

C.     Connection speed used in the classroom:  Smart Broadband 512kbps

D.     Number of years our classroom has been connected to the Internet: 5 years 

E.   Additional comments concerning your computer and/or Internet access:

Now that our school has 72 computer units, with 40 computers having Internet connection, both the Special Science Class (SSC) and the regular class students take Computer Education as their elective subject and enjoy free Internet access. Activities in relation to the Cyberfair Competition were mostly done at school.

4. Our Project Sound Bite

            We believe we can achieve not merely to recieve nor excel  but achieve and excel to unite. 

5. Problems we have to overcome

            Since all of the members are graduating and under the Special Science Class Curriculum, time allotted in making the task is the biggest problem we can consider. Special Science Class Students or also known as “SP Students”, have hectic schedule and most of them are involved in several National and Regional Competitions. Also, graduating students have to meet their requirements earlier than the deadline. The only time we can work in this project is our free time in our homes or weekends in the computer laboratory of the school. The good thing is most of the members have internet access in their homes, so it is easy  for us to communicate with each other in such a way that, the assigned task for each members are sent via e-mails and compiled by the team leader.

Despite of all these trials and obstacles, we have managed to finish the project on time. Throughout the duration of this project, we didn’t only gave a legacy to our school as the set of students who brought the official website to the school but also we have learned virtues like cooperation, teamwork, patience and time management. We would also like to thank our teachers for the understanding and consideration while making the project and our classmates-turned-typists for their willingness to help us. 




1.  How did your activities and research for this International Schools Cyberfair Project support standards, required course work and curriculum standards?

            The Cyberfair is the application of the things we have learned in the four corners of the classroom in the subjects namely Research, Journalism and Computer Education. Photo editing, web designing, and photography were the knowledge and skills that were developed through the duration of the project.

Also, intrapersonal relationship of each member was developed. This project also taught us the proper way of approaching people in interviewing and gathering information that may be possible to be used in the website. These character-formation values could be applied in the future as professionals.


2. What information tools and technologies did you use to complete your Cyberfair project?

Aside from various books, journals and magazines of our school, we interviewed and gave questionnaires to the different faculty, personnel, and alumni of Antique National School.  The data we gathered had been the spinal cord of our project, without which we (the team) could not be able to produce a sound and informative project.  The most essential gadget for the accomplishment of the scheme was the computers (donated by DTI & CICT).    Other technologies used were the phones, scanners, cameras and MS FrontPage software for web design. The latter contributed a lot to the web page.

Through these tools and technologies, the work of the team was not only made easy, it was also made to be a remarkable and helpful one.

3. In what ways did you act as “ambassadors” and spokespersons for your Cyberfair project both on-line and in person.

Through our Cyberfair project, we were able to enhance our abilities in dealing and interviewing various persons, who happened to have the first hand knowledge about our topic. We were able to present a web page for other people who are interested in knowing what Antique National School is offering at present.  Besides, we had dig the past of Antique National School which we are sure is now slowly fading in the minds of the Antiqueños.  We also showed to the community that the oldest school here in Antique is still sthriving and kicking despite the various challenges and trials it had faced throughout a century.

With all our hearts and senses we are honored to be a tool for the completion of this venture. We believe that what we have reunited our goals and dreams to achieve for excellence.

4. What has been the impact of your project in your community?

The team wanted to show the excellent ability of Antique National School in producing and molding students who are not only good in academics but also in the field of curricular activities.  Through this project we were able to rediscover the past of our school, which students like us weren’t there to witness the ups and downs of the school.   In addition the alumni of Antique National School and those people who are interested in the events and current development of their Alma Mater can be informed.

The worried parents can be ensured that their children are studying in a school that is safe and student friendly.  A school that is equipped with faculties and teachers who act as second parent to the students and geared with facilities that enhance the learning of students.

Teenagers and persons who are working at daytime and who are interested in pursuing their schooling in intermediate school can be informed that Antique National School is offering a Night Secondary School for people like them. 

5. How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

Unity can only be manifested by the Binary. Unity itself and the idea of Unity are already two. The project was made possible through the help of our computer education teacher, Mrs. Jocelyn E. Remonte and our computer technician, Mr. Leonil Gallano. The two of them inspire us to make this project not as a challenge but an opportunity to build our being and to improve our skills particularly in the field of computers. Mr Rodolfo J. Caberoy, Principal IV and Mr. Teodoro Marzona gave us permission to join this Cyberfair. The alumni and other stakeholders willingly answered our questions necessary in the making of the projects. They gave us all the information which made the project more interesting. 

6. Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises (Optional)

Through this project, we discovered so many mysteries behind the walls ofAntique National School. We learned that it is the pioneer of the secondary education here in the province of Antique and now the leading institution in terms of new facilities, buildings, competent teachers and competitive students.

We discovered that ANS is the only high school in the division of Antique that offers the special science curriculum under the supervision of the Department of Science and Technology and is the only one to handle three curriculums; Revised Basic Education curriculum, Special Science curriculum and the Special Program for the Arts.

Antique National School teaches everyone not to aim for perfection but rather, aim for excellence. Further more, ANS says, “Do not aim for best students, mold them to become one.”